pinky promise

pinky promise

MSGM short pink dress
$540 –

WithChic high heel boots
$34 –

GEDEBE man bag
$825 –


Planning for a new me-Sort of

Every year people create new year’s resolutions as goals that they want to achieve for the year. Some base those on introspective analysis as a way to guide themselves based on what went wrong the previous year. My goal……No clothes shopping for a year. Although to some, it may seem like a menial task but for me, it’s huge! I have always been a fashion lover! From trends to brands to runway shows, I love it all and can’t get enough of it. The reality is my love for some things, is impacting my want for other things. Before I decided on this goal, I really had to think about how this love for clothes has impacted my life. Let me share some of ways: lack of space, disorganization, money owed on credit cards and lack of money to be able to plan for long term goals. What I realized is my small pleasure has grown into a monster that I needed to feed when I was sad or happy or just wanted it cause I feel like I worked hard for it. In short, I lacked discipline. With only 16 days into the year, I’ve stuck with it despite sales that flood my inbox. What I have seen is the opportunity to create a new beginning starting this year where I control how the story is narrated. I’ll keep you updated….